Carbon Nanotube (CNT)

New nanotech material with excellent (heat) conductivity and mechanical strength:

  • Graphene sheet of carbon particles arranged in hexagonal honeycomb shapes
  • Tubular structure, nano-sized diameter
  • Hollow fiber-like material
  • Useful for improving the performance of power storage devices or as composite material for rubber & resin

Open-Cell Porous Material


Open-Cell Porous Material with large specific surface area:

  • Pores are formed within the material
  • Through the linking of each pore, the specific surface area of the material is enlarged
  • Contributing to further high-efficiency of energy devices

TPR Rubber Parts

TPR Rubber Parts:

  • TPR develops and manufactures high quality rubber oil seal rings, O-rings and gaskets for the automotive, electric & industrial industry
  • Next to NBR, HNBR and EPDM customized material mixtures are available
  • Extensive in-house product evaluation possibilities: auto tensile strength testing, thermal-hygrostat testing and ozone test chamber available
  • Manufacture of rubber to resin and rubber to metal adhesion products
  • Further products: carbon black master batch, NEOLON/reston sponge, anti-vibration pads

Resin Parts


TPR Resin Parts:

  • High performance materials for automotive and industrial applications (e.g. PEEK, PPS)
  • Outstanding thermal stability enables functionality in high temperature environments
  • Cost competitive production due to TPR’s unique automated injection molding process
  • Possible applications: Vanes for oil and vacuum pumps and many more

Resin Transmission Seal Rings:

  • TPR is one of Asia’s leading supplier of resin sealing rings for automatic transmissions (AT & CVT)
  • Improved PEEK and PPS mixtures enable highest wear resistance
  • Minimal friction due to special section shape
  • Innovative joint end gap design allows for outstanding sealing at changing temperature levels (SS-1 joint)

Electronic Components

TPR Grip Heater:

  • Grip heater for motorbike handlebars
  • Fast heat-up time and excellent heat distribution as well as heat control
  • Battery voltage monitoring system preventing battery damage
  • High grip comfort and control during cold and rainy weather, resulting in safer driving conditions

TPR Toilet seat heating unit:

  • Design and production of heating units for washlet toilet seats
  • Aluminum foil with excellent heat diffusion
  • Different & customized heating wire patterns available
  • PVC or silicon coated heating wires

Special Copper Alloys


Copper Alloys:

  • Precipitation hardening alloys
  • Excellent heat resistance and (thermal) conductivity
  • Solid solution and age-hardening treatment to enhance functionality

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