Precision measuring machine

CLP series, full automatic gear measuring machine for profile, helix and pitch deviation.

Our gear measuring machines measure from the small gears for electronic equipment, precision machinery, and robots to the large gears for automobile transmission, construction machinery, and wind power generator, with high accuracy.
In addition, it can be applied to free form surfaces such as cycloids gears and bevel gears, other than involute gears.
Measured data are traceable to the ultra high precision gear measuring machine DAT-1, which is the calibrating machine developed in-house as an internationally MRA-accredited JCSS certified calibration laboratory.

Manufacturing company: TPR Osaka Seimitsu Kikai Co.,Ltd.

The GTR series, double-flank gear rolling tester that can measure the composite gear accuracy in a short time.

High-precision measurements are made from plastic-molded gears to large gears, and they can be classified according to major gear standards.
Using the composite test technology of this series, automatic gear selecting machine for in-line process is also supported.

Manufacturing company: TPR Osaka Seimitsu Kikai Co.,Ltd.

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