Shock Absorber & Brake Parts

Sintered Metal Shock Absorber Parts

Market request to shock absorber parts:

  • As an integral part of the suspension system, shock absorbers cushion vibrations and contribute to a car’s comfort and safety
  • Shock absorber parts have to perform their function while enduring constant impacts and temperatures of up to 120°C
  • Materials used in shock absorbers therefore have to meet specific requirements, particularly in terms of durability and heat resistance


  • Our product range includes rod guides, base valves, pilot cases and piston rings for shock absorbers
  • TPR’s sintered metals allow for high heat resistance and superb durability
  • Dimensional accuracies match the requirements of the automotive industry
  • TPR parts are trusted by the world’s leading shock absorber manufacturers
  • Besides shock absorber parts, we can offer a wide variety of sintered metal products – please feel free to contact us!

Aluminum Brake Drums

Automotive Brake Drums:

  • Being very durable and economical, brake drums are especially popular in the commercial vehicle sector
  • The moving parts of drum brakes are part of a closed system and as such insensitive to outside pollutions like dust
  • Common brake drums are made from cast iron, resulting in a durable but heavy weight brake

TPR Aluminum Brake Drum:

  • 30% weight reduction compared to conventional brake drums – only the inlay needs to be cast iron, outer parts use light weight aluminum
  • EV car ready – light weight TPR brake drums are suitable for EVs and hybrids
  • Superior heat transfer properties of our material minimizes the risk of brake fading due to overheating
  • Highest accuracies and outstanding circularity ensure superior braking performance and minimal brake noise
  • TPR’s own “mushroom shape” spiny liner technology ensures exceptional adhesion between the inlay and brake drum

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